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Navigating through pages

You can move through pages by clicking arrow buttons on the bottom-right or top-right corner of the window. You can also change page by using arrow keys (left and right) on your keyboard. You can move directly to desired page by entering page number to a page number field located at upper-right corner.


You can zoom pages by clicking a point of interest on the page. Full page display is restored by clicking anywhere on the page. Zoom level can also be changed gradually by clicking the [-] and [+] -buttons next to the magnifying glass icon.

Panning the page

Zoomed-in page can be panned (moved) by dragging it with the mouse and moving it to the wanted direction. The page can also be scrolled vertically by using the mouse’s scroll wheel or the scroll bar on the right side of the page.


You can search contents of the publication by entering a search keyword to to the search input field. Results open into a new window, where you can click a search result to navigate directly to a page containing your search keyword.

Spread / single page display modes

You can switch the display mode between spread and single page by clicking this button.

Table of contents

This button opens the table of contents to a separate window, from where you can move directly to a desired page by clicking the titles.

Page thumbnails

This button shows a small preview picture of each page. By clicking the picture you can move to that particular page.


By clicking the print button you can print out the spread or single page that is currently open.

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